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over the counter drugs

Risk of Over-the-Counter Drugs and Medical Conditions

Risk of Over-the-Counter Drugs and Medical Conditions  Over-the-counter (OTC) medications are amazingly effective. 81 percent of adults turn to over-the-counter drugs at the first sign of a minor ailment. However, elders and those with chronic medical conditions can react adversely to OTC drugs.    Drugs for pain-relief, headaches, upset stomachs, and more are
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zinc and digestion

Benefits of Zinc

Zinc Benefits Mineral vitamins are important to your body’s immune system. Especially zinc. In addition to helping the immune system, this vitamin also supports digestion. In times like these, with your health in the spotlight, getting as many trace elements as you can is vital to remaining in a safe headspace.  There are many supplements that support the immune system and …
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Supplements and Restrictions During Pregnancy

Supplements and Restrictions During Pregnancy

Although pregnancy can be hard on the body, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help ease the impacts. Eating a healthy diet, incorporating regular, light exercise, staying hydrated, and keeping mentally positive are all strategies known to help moms through the pregnancy process. Healthy eating is one of the best ways to keep your body running at its best during pregnancy. …
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