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All About Body Cleansing

All About Body Cleansing

Juice and supplement detoxes have been super popular over the last few years. As much as they’ve populated the media and health enthusiast cycles, what these detoxing supplements actually contain, and therefore do, still seems outside of the popular consciousness. But not to worry, we at Agape Nutrition are here to help!

XYMOGEN, 6-Day Detox Micro Kit

We thought the best way to explain what holistic body cleansing can look like is by showing it to you directly and tangibly! We’ll be using Xymogen’s 6-Day Detox Micro Kit to get into the nitty-gritty of what goes into your body to detox and why it’s important! Unlike most detox supplements, this one isn’t just for your liver, which makes it special! While liver detox is super important, it’s definitely not the only place it happens/needs to happen in the body.

What Does the Detox Micro Kit Do? 

Comprehensively, the XYMOGEN micro kit supports your body’s preexisting detoxification processes. It also helps you to maintain healthy intestines and supports your immune system, lactose digestion, and full digestive process. It also collectively balances cytokine levels, a helpful protein used to fight infections. 

You’re probably thinking, “That sounds great, but how does the kit/the products in it do all of those things?” Don’t worry. We’ve still got you covered! 

How Does the Detox Micro Kit Do It?

Let’s start with the digestive system and intestines. This Detox Kit includes ProbioMax Daily DF, a probiotic that may aid in reducing and directly targeting toxins. Ridding your body of toxins in the intestine and colon means food needs to get digested and flushed out at a healthy rate. The longer food sits in your bowels, the more toxins can be absorbed into your system (which is pretty gross and uncomfortable if you ask us). That’s why this product includes ColonX (designed to emulate your daily fiber intake) and OptiCleanse GHI (which also includes helpful proteins and vitamins for your body) products, leaving the consumer with a healthy, regular bowel movement and a cleansed liver from all those left behind toxins. And with those probiotics hanging out in your digestive system, you will get some amazing antioxidant nutrients as well! If you’re interested in learning more about gut health, check out our blog, Supplements for Your Gut, here.  

Drainage supports your emunctories (which include the liver, kidneys, lungs, stomach, intestines, pancreas, skin, nose, and genitals) by addressing any toxic waste present and making sure it's on its way out. A detox for all, if you will!

You can purchase the XYMOGEn 6-Day Detox kit right here at Agape Nutrition.