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Worldwide, Hevert is one of the ten most important manufacturers of homeopathic medicines. With more than 100 medicinal products, the company's extensive product portfolio has something for nearly every treatment area relevant to natural medicine. The focus of our product range is in the areas of psyche/sleep, colds, and vitamin deficiencies. Founded in 1956 by Dorothea and Emil Hevert, Hevert-Arzneimittel is an independent family-run company. After being led by Dr. Wolfgang Hevert, the company is run today by Marcus and Mathias Hevert, the third generation to do so. Unlike homeopathic single remedies, complex remedies contain several homeopathically prepared active substances and are easy to use because they have a broad spectrum of action and are clearly tailored to individual indications. A large number of the formulas upon which Hevert medicines are based were created in collaboration with students of the famous Pastor Emanuel Felke, one of the pioneers of naturopathy and the co-founder of complex homeopathy.