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Master Supplements for Digestive Health

Welcome to the Master Supplements store. Master Supplements, Inc. is a Minnesota corporation founded in 2002 by Randolph S. Porubcan. The corporation’s Mission is to research naturally occurring, Symbiotic, Probiotic Micro-Organisms and bioactive prebiotics and develop high potency nutraceutical products based on this research. The corporation utilizes prominent scientists in a worldwide network to achieve this objective. We are the manufacturers of the #1 doctor recommended probiotic, Theralac, as well as Enzalase - a Digestive enzyme supplement, TruFiber - a Prebiotic soluble fiber, TruFlora - a Bio-Cleansing Probiotic, and Children's Theralac - Which is the exact same formula as Theralac without the capsule.

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  • Master Supplements, TruFiber 6.35 oz (180 Grams)
    TruFiber | 6.35 oz (180 Grams)
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