Cancer Support

Cancer Care! 

We offer integrative support for cancer patients. In our experience, we have seen the best results in cancer treatment with an integrative approach combining traditional oncology care with functional medicine. A simple explanation is the oncologist treats the tumor and we treat the host.

Our job is to do all we can to improve the patient’s immune system by ensuring adequate nutrition and strengthening the immune system. The first step is to test the nutritional status of the patient, which is typically poor even though the patient may be taking supplements, but not absorbing them.

We optimize our patient’s nutrition. We also augment the patient’s immune system with a variety of proven techniques such as low dose naltrexone, melatonin, and other immune-stimulating compounds.

We also provide a number of IV therapies including glutathione, lipoic acid, and high dose IV vitamin C. These therapies are coordinated with standard oncology care provided by the patient’s oncologist to provide a coordinated approach to cancer care. Coordination is essential as some of these therapies may interfere with each other, if not coordinated.

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