Tips for Preventing Covid

The corona virus is dangerous to those with a compromised immune system.  Make sure you are not one of them.  How by maintaining protective levels of key nutrients.  

The most important of these is vitamin D.  Hospitalizations and death are rare in those with adequate vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D: take enough vitamin D to maintain a blood level of 60 to 100 ng/dl.  This typically takes a daily dose of 4,000 units in women and 7,000 units in men.  Vitamin D can be taken weekly.  A weekly dose of 50,000 units will be adequate for most people.

Zinc (zn).  Most people need around 30 mg to 50 mg a day to have a protective effect.

Vitamin C 2,000 mg a day.

Vitamin A 25,000 units a day and 100,000 units a day if you get sick.

Taking a all around immune support product such as BioVegetarian  is a smart tactic in these difficult times.

Stephen Smith, M.D.