CRPS 2 Kit

CRPS 2 Kit

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CRPS 2 Kit is a maintenance bundle with detoxification and glutathione

CRPS patients have many common findings. This kit is designed to maintain the progress made after completing the CRPS 1 Kit starter bundle. The supplements chosen are a bit less expensive, but should be sufficient to maintain progress once toxin levels are reduced and the lymphedema is under control.

This bundle addresses the same issues as CRPS 1 Kit, but it is more cost-effective for long term maintenance.



Common Finding in CRPS:

  1. Lymphedema
  2. Low Glutathione
  3. High inflammatory cytokines
  4. (some but not all) reactive scars.
  5. Low lipoic acid.


You should stay on this protocol indefinitely if symptoms return if you taper the dose.

As you correct your internal biochemistry you may be able to stop this protocol, but I would do it in graduated steps, stopping one supplement at a time and then waiting a week before, stopping the next supplement. This will let you know if you need to stay on a product.


View details and instructions on how to use: Click Here