CRPS Maintenance Bundle Plus Glutathione & Detox Support

This package contains all products needed to start relieving pain and lymphedema caused by CRPS. The primary condition in CRPS is the presence of large inflammatory compounds in the lymphatic space.

Step 1: Use Enzyme Defense to break down large inflammatory particles trapped in the space. A proteolytic enzyme is used to break these products down, so they can migrate from the inflamed space.
Step 2: Use a homeopathic designed to help clear stagnant lymph.
Step 3: Uses Cytoquel to quell inflammatory cytokines, which are the source of most of the pain.
Step 4: It raise glutathione with Recancostat. Glutathione is our body's primary detoxifier and antioxidant. Raising glutahione slowly to normal levels will help keep CRPS pain from returning. One caveat, it is important to clear the congestion first before raising glutathione too quickly.