CRPS Maintenance with Detoxification Support


This bundle has the basic maintenance products:

Enzyme Defense and Lymph Detox to keep the lymphatic congestion at the heart of CRPS under control. CytoQel to control the pain causing inflammatory cytokines.

It also contains Biotics MCS2 to help detoxify the body and the lymphatic space. Detoxification should be started slowly. If detoxification is started before there is adequate drainage of the space, it can aggravate the condition by transferring toxins from inside the cells to the lymphatic space causing an inflammatory reaction. So start with just one MCS2 capsule and increase dosage as tolerated.

Additional detoxification can be done by adding Recancostat, which is a specially formulated form of glutathione designed to be absorb-able. Recancostat was orignally designed to meet the needs of cancer patients that need higher levels of glutathione. Again this needs to be used with caution with CRPS. The general rule is that drainage needs to be greater than detoxification to prevent side effects.

Additions to Bundle:
Recancostat comes in 100 and 400mg sizes. I recommend starting with the lower dose.