Dr. Mercola | Ketone Energy MCT Oil | 16 Ounces

Dr. Mercola

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Ketone Energy MCT Oil | 16 Ounces:

Dietary Supplement!

Dr. Mercolas Pure Power Ketone Energy is 95% Caprylic Acid (C8) MCT Oil (the other 5% is C10) and:

  • Contains no trans fatty acids
  • Contains NO genetically engineered ingredients

MCT oil is particularly valuable for creating ketones and maintaining nutritional ketosis:

  • MCTs bypass normal digestive processes, diffuse across your intestinal membrane and go directly to your liver to be used as a clean-burning fuel for your entire body and brain
  • MCT oil is a great way to get extra fat, and because it is completely odorless and tasteless, and actually enhances flavor, you can add it to foods and beverages for extra fat calories
  • Because of their rapid conversion to energy, MCTs are an ideal way to help squelch hunger pangs, and boost satiety and satisfaction on a ketogenic diet
Directions For Use: 

Adults, as a dietary supplement, take 1 tablespoon (15ml) of Ketone Energy per day.

Supplement Facts:

Servings Per Container: 31

Serving Size: One Tbsp. (15ml)

Amount Per Serving:

Calories ... 100
Total Fat ... 14g
Saturated Fat ... 14g
Caprylic Acid (C8) MCT Oil ... 14g