Elizabeth Essentials | Poise | 15 ml

Elizabeth Essentials

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Poise | 15 ml:


Balance your Hormones and Keep your Poise. 


Don't let fluctuating hormones crack your composure. Poise naturally balances hormones to alleviate mood swings, irritability and other symptoms of puberty, PMS and menopause. Everyone, women and men, young and old can benefit from Poise. 


Application Instructions:

Spray once onto thymus or lower abdomen daily. Can also be applied to the ankle points near the heel. Spray a small amount on only one area of the body per application. Use daily for at least one to two months to balance hormones, and then reduce application as symptoms subside. 


Essential Oil Ingredients:

A proprietary blend of Clary Sage, Spikenard, Cypress, German Chamomile, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Myrtle and Apricot Kernel Oil. 


Recommended Use:

Hormone Imbalances Due to: Menopause, PMS Puberty, Eating Disorders, Extreme Exercise Stress.