Elizabeth Essentials | Surrender Massage Oil | 8 oz

Elizabeth Essentials

$ 20.00 

Surrender Massage Oil| 8 oz:

Moisturize and de-stress with this massage and body oil.

Surrender is great for avoiding stretch marks from pregnancy, body building or significant weight loss. It is also safe for use as a lubricant.

Application Instructions:

Apply as a massage oil for optimal relaxation. For hydration, apply to the entire body after a bath or shower while the skin is moist. Add to bath for sheer pleasure and moisturizing. Gentle enough for use on infants.

Essential Oil Ingredients:

A proprietary blend of Lavender, Rosewood, Ylang Ylang and Rosemary.

Recommended Uses:

Dry Skin, Muscle Tension, Personal Lubricant Relaxation, Stretch Mark Avoidance.