Progena | Pro-Silymarin Plus | 90 Tablets


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Pro-Silymarin Plus| 90 Tablets:
Promotes healthy liver support!


This has been a highly effective product for treating most liver conditions. It is a combination of herbs and vitamins shown to support liver function. We have used this product in our clinic for many years and found it to be highly effective. 


We recommend this product to anyone with elevated liver enzymes or other signs of liver or gall bladder disease such as large numbers of liver spots on the hands, red spots on the abdomin (Campbell de Morgan spots) or small veins on the abdomin. 


We also recommend this product to anyone taking statin drugs, which are hard on the liver, such as Lipitor, Pravachol or Zocor. We have not had a single case where these drugs had to be discontinued when the patients also used Pro Silymarin. 


Suggested use:
One tablet three times a day with meals.
When used for liver protection with statin drugs: one capsule with the statin medication at bedtime.