Biofilm - SIBO 2 Bundle PectaSol-C - Biocidin - SIBO-Ease Plus

What is SIBO?

SIBO is a bacterial overgrowth of the small bowel defined as 100,000 bacteria/cm or about 10 times the normal concentration of bacteria in the small bowel. These bacteria are not just floating around they live in a structure called a biofilm. The biofilm is made up of mucous, fibrin, and is reinforced by minerals making a fairly stable matrix.

This package contains everything recommended in our SIBO/Biofilm Protocol.

  1. SIBOEase Plus - Proteolytic enzymes with EDTA to bind minerals. Used to breakdown the biofilm.
  2. Biocidin - Our recommended killing agent - contains multiple herbal killing agents for broad spectrum effect on bacterial overgrowths.
  3. Pectosol - As the binding agent to remove dead bacteria and other debris from the bowel.

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