Sibo/Biofilm Package Options

This package contains everything recommended in our basic SIBO/Biofilm Protocol plus you get the option of customizing your SIBO bundle by changing the enzyme, the killing agent, and binding agent to give you more flexibility. Our recommendation is to you pick one enzyme and one killing agent, and one binding agent.

1. The Enzyme - You have two choices SIBOEase Plus - proteolytic enzymes with EDTA to bind minerals.and SIBOEase without the EDTA. Some people have issues with EDTA or have already removed most of the minerals with SIBO Ease Plus. SIBO Ease is used in these situations.

2. BIOCIDIN - Our recommended killing agent - contains multiple herbal killing agents for broad spectrum effect on bacterial overgrowths. Other killing agents offer advantages as well.

BiOCIDIN LIQUID - Offer better penetration and the ability to titrate the dose in smaller increments.

BIOCIDIN LSF - Is their newest product which is Biocidin combined with a penetrating agent which eliminates some of the need for enzyme. This product also works in situations where you don't have time to do the complete protocol with the enzyme followed by a wait before using the killing agent as this agent has a builtin penetrating agent.

SIBOtic - Provides an even broader spectrum killing agent. We recommend using this if Biocidin is not effective. The capsules have a bit of an after taste for a few minutes, but this product is very effective.

3. Pectosol - As the binding agent to remove dead bacteria and other debris from the bowel. The advantage of Pectosol is nano particle size to do a more thorough cleansing and its proven ability to remove chemical toxins from the bowel.

Other choices include:

Activated Charcoal - Main advantage is lower cost.

GI DETOX - Is a combination of charcoal and clays for broader spectrum absorption.