Sonic Life | Sonix Pulsation | SWVM10

Sonic Life

$ 5,995.00 

Sonix Pulsation | SWVM10:

  • Serious cardiovascular condition
  • Pacemaker
  • Pregnancy
  • Recent surgery
  • Hip, knee or shoulder implants
  • Epilepsy
  • Severe diabetes
  • Acute hernia, discopathy, spondylolysis
  • Recent infections
  • Tumor
  • Recently placed IUD's, metal pins or plates
  • Herniated spinal disc

Fantastic Sonic Wave:
Generates precise infrasound reliably by using cutting edge technology Passes a soft and strong vertical vibration by using waveform control algorithms.

21C Cutting-edge Design:

Modern and simple design to match home interior of Digital control and display Grouping that can adjust a variety functions easily Touch system to improve convenience for use.

Design of High Technology:

Slimmer appearance and safety-oriented lower plate Compact design reduces weight dramatically, and convenient mobility and installation are available.


Magnetic Circuit System:

Scientific circuit design through Magnetic Flux Density Simulation Generates 40,000 Gauss's powerful magnetic field to maximize the kinetic energy.

Green Economic System:

Controls power efficiently to minimize power consumption Economic and environmental-oriented devices for SONIX.

VM Audio System:

SONIX's specialized technology designed to feel Sound and Sonic Wave simultaneously by linking smart phone, MP3, PC, etc. to sources of sound.

Protector Circuit System:

Motion control and safety devices using the most advanced sensors are built-in Dual temperature control through the circuits and sensors for the protection of overheat.