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6 Rules to Building Lean Muscle Mass

6 Rules to Building Lean Muscle Mass

National Paul Bunyan Day & National Food Truck Day (6/28)


June 28th marks National Paul Bunyan Day and National Food Truck Day, celebrating strength, nutrition, and community. Let's talk about building lean muscle mass, a goal for many men aiming to enhance their physical health.

 What is Lean Muscle Mass?

Lean muscle mass refers to the amount of muscle on your body without the fat. It is crucial for metabolism, strength, and overall health.

 How Much Lean Muscle Mass is Normal?

Lean muscle mass varies by age and fitness level. Here's a general guideline for men:

  • 20s-30s: 40-45% of total body weight
  • 40s-50s: 35-40% of total body weight
  • 60+: 30-35% of total body weight

 How to Calculate Your Muscle Mass

You can estimate your muscle mass using body composition scales or through methods like bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) or dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) scans or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). You can also calculate your body fat percentage at home by subtracting it from 100.

Why is Lean Muscle Mass Healthy to Obtain?

Maintaining lean muscle mass is beneficial for:

  • Metabolism: Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat, even at rest.
  • Strength: Essential for daily activities and reducing injury risk.
  • Longevity: Associated with better health outcomes and quality of life.

 6 Rules to Building Lean Muscle Mass

  1. Strength Training: Focus on compound movements like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses.
  2. Progressive Overload: Gradually increase the weight or resistance.
  3. Protein Intake: Aim for 1.2-2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.
  4. Adequate Rest: Allow muscles to recover with proper sleep and rest days.
  5. Hydration: Essential for muscle function and recovery.
  6. Consistency: Stick to your workout and nutrition plan.

 Product Recommendations for Building Lean Muscle Mass

- Fit Food Lean Complete Dutch Chocolate (10 Servings)

- Prosoma Sarcotropin (4 fl oz/120 ml)

- DaVinci Labs Tonalin CLA (90 Softgels)

- Anginox Orange (60 Servings)

- Protocols for Health ATP Spark Mixed Berry (30 Servings)

- Pure Encapsulations BCAA Capsules

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Building and maintaining lean muscle mass is a journey that requires dedication and the right support. So be sure to select a healthy Food Truck to support your aspirations. Then celebrate your strength, like Paul Bunyan, and enjoy the nutritious offerings of summer with these tips and products to propel you to your health goals.

Agape Nutrition Team