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Urinary Tract

Treat Infections and Maintain a Healthy Urinary Tract

Ninety percent of urinary tract infections are caused by E-Coli, a common bacteria found in the bowel. E-Coli may become resistant to chronic antibiotic therapy. In order to infect the bladder E-Coli has to adhere to the bladder wall. As seen below E-Coli does this with its filaments extending from the body of the bacteria. We can block the ability of E-coli to attach to the bladder with a sugar called Mannose.

Mannose cannot be broken down or used by our bodies, so it is excreted by the kidneys. Mannose is very slick. It works by blocking the attachment of the E-Coli to the bladder wall. Since the mechanism of action is simply mechanical E-Coli cannot develop a resistance to it. The bladder can still be exposed to E-Coli, it just can't do any harm. D-mannose often is effective when nothing else is.

It should be noted that D-mannose is only effective when the infecting agent is E-Coli. D-mannose is not effective against other strains of bacteria.

The products listed below contain high dose D-mannose.

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