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Diabetic Neuropathy & Neuropathy

 Neuropathy can be both painful and a dangerous condition.  The danger comes from the inability to feel sores on the feet or other places that can result in serious infections.   The condition is often caused by poor capillary circulation.   Stem cells that repair the skin and nerves are also affected as they reside in the capillary beds.  There are several ingredients that have been shown to be helpful in peripheral neuropathy. The primary nutrient that has been shown to be helpful in multiple studies is lipoic acid.  Lipoic acid is found in many supplements but not insufficient levels to have a significant impact on neuropathy.  Other nutrients shown to be helpful are benfotiamine, Vitamin B6, Methylcobalamin,  and active folate.  All of these nutrients are found in Neuro Revive, which is specially formulated to support nerve function. Our two main recommendations are to increase the number of circulating stem cells and to use Neuro Revive.

Stem cell deficiency is one of the key components of neuropathy.  We have several excellent supplements that improve the number of circulating stem cells.  The key ingredient in these supplements is astragalus. Stem-Kine has the most documented evidence of efficacy and is used by some of the world's most prestigious stem cell clinics.