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GUNA Inc. Biotherapeutics is a true leader in homeopathic products and maintains a proven track record for 30 years of Quality, Technology and Innovation.

From the dream of a person-centered Medicine in harmony with nature, from a modern and visionary idea of effective drugs with no side effects, from the project of a Company founded on solid ethical principles and devoted to research, Guna was founded in Milan, Italy, in 1983. Today, with around 300 employees and export activities in 30 Countries, Guna is one of world’s most intriguing Companies in the field of Low Dose Medicine, Medical Devices, Nutraceuticals, Dermocosmetics and Bach Flowers.

Low Dose Medicine is based on three guiding principles:

    • Addresses the human being and not just the disease.
    • Act on the causes and not just on the symptoms.
    • Consider the human being as a mind-body unit and in her/his individuality.

This is an ancient and wise concept, which comes from the homeopathic tradition, but it is also very up-to-date.

From the second half of the Eighties, in fact, the development of the concepts expressed by the Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology resulted in a change of perspective in the interpretation of the biological functions of the human body and its diseases, shifting from organicism (each disease affects a single organ or tissue) to the cellular network, until recognizing the importance of continuous dialogue – cross talk – between cells, organs and systems both in physiological and pathological conditions (every disease is the result of a lack of communication between the cells of different Systems).

Starting from these assumptions, pharmacological research has been focusing on the role played by special biological molecules, thus paving the way for what could have been a new therapeutic solution, i.e., the use of the same organic molecules as medicaments to restore the original physiological conditions in a sick body.

Does low dose medicine work?

Yes it does, and there are numerous scientific studies proving it which have been published also in over 30 international indexed scientific journals as The Lancet, British Medical Journal, Cancer, etc. In order to offer to a vast audience information about the scientific proofs of low dose medicine, GUNA has published a reference book (2012) containing a collection of some of these important studies.

Briefly, what is the difference between low dose medicine and allopathic chemical drugs?

Allopathic preparations focus on the “symptom” and they are clearly useful, for instance, in emergency medicine, even if they do have potential side effects.

On the other hand, low dose medicine works on the whole body, “educating” it to react to the disease, with obvious advantages. In addition, low dose preparations have virtually no side effects.

The ideal solution is to combine the two, i.e. to use low dose preparations every time we need, especially before symptoms appear, and to use the allopathic preparations every time it is unavoidable, due to the particular severity of a disease, but making sure to avoid any abuse. Physicians will decide when to use one or the other.


 Does GUNA manufacture only low dose medicines or some other kind of medicaments too?

GUNA’s origins are strongly linked to low dose medicine. Its most important core business is still the production of low dose medicines, although updated to the most recent scientific findings. Furthermore, thanks to the expertise and knowledge developed in this field, the company has extended its range of production to several other domains.

Today GUNA is authorized by the Italian Health Ministry to manufacture low dose medicines, medical devices, cosmetics, dietary supplements and injectable medicines. Please visit our website for a detailed description of our full range of medicaments available in the United States.


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