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Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

CHF (congestive heart failure) is a common condition in older Americans. Over 5 million Americans currently suffer from some form of CHF. Most CHF is treated with medicines as it should be. However, medications do not address the complete picture. In fact, one of the problems in CHF can be caused by one of the types of medicines used to treat cardiac patients, statin drugs. This protocol is designed to support the two areas that are not helped by most medications.

  • Mitochondrial Function, the production of ATP 
  • Restoring Cardiac Circulation

Next, to the brain, the heart uses the most energy. Where does that energy come from? Mitochondria. Each myocardial cell can have up to 5,000 mitochondria per cell compared to a skin cell with only 200. Mitochondria produce our body's fuel ATP, adenosine triphosphate, so we want these mitochondria in top shape, but unfortunately, they are easily damaged by stress and toxins. Mitochondrial DNA is circular and doesn't have the protective mechanism found in our other cells, so our mitochondria need protection.

We have three products we recommend to support the heart in addition to the regular medications you would normally take for CHF.

ATP Fuel - This product is designed to improve the production of ATP by providing the mitochondria with key intermediates. ATP Fuel is consistently one of our best sellers because it works. Clients report increased energy on this product. We have seen good clinical results with ATP Fuel.

Mito Support - Works in two ways. The first is by providing key antioxidants to protect the delicate mitochondrial DNA. The second is by providing key amino acids that aid in muscle strength and cardiac function like carnitine.

These two products work together synergistically to provide maximum protection and support for the mitochondria.

Cardio Chelation - Is designed to remove lead and other toxins from the body. The toxins and especially lead have long been associated with cardiovascular disease. A recent 30 million dollar, NIH funded chelation study showed benefit in all patients, but especially diabetics, who had a 50% lower chance of having a second heart attack. Cardio Chelation is not equivalent to IV therapy, but it does work in a similar fashion.

For those who need more energy and have already had treatment for circulatory is then the combination of ATP Fuel and Mito Support is the package we recommend. Otherwise, the best solution is to use all three products. ATP Fuel is the key product in this collection. ATP Fuel should be dosed twice a day for the first month, so our starter kit had 2 bottles of ATP Fuel and our maintenance protocol has one bottle per month.

Cardio Chelation dosing requires two 90 capsule bottles per month.


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