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NET Remedies®: Linking the Mind and Body. Scott Walker, the founder of NET Remedies®, graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1965. Although the large majority of his patients were getting excellent results, he was frequently frustrated when some of his patients with chronic conditions were not experiencing the expected degree of improvement. He wondered if homeopathic remedies for stress and other long-term conditions might be the answer. Dr. Walker was an expert adjuster, and he also knew how to support the body with proper nutrition, but he discovered that the Mind-Body Element was not being fully addressed — enter NET Remedies®.

Dr. Walker had already been studying acupuncture, homeopathy, nutrition, muscle testing and other healing solutions for some time. Then it all came together for him. He thought, "What if we could deal with the stress component of health by making our correction while the patient was in that stressful state." This led him to create NET homeopathic remedies.



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What Are NET Remedies®?

NET Remedies® are derived from the concept of Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), a homeopathic technique that finds and removes neurological imbalances caused by unresolved mind-body stress patterns resulting from real or perceived threats. NET works to correct NEC (neuro-emotional complex) — the resulting imprinted emotional information that affects physiological function — by tracing it back to its physiological location in the body and targeting it at its source.

Just as the memories of a stress-inducing event cause physiological changes, the memory of the homeopathic ingredients in NET homeopathic remedies remain to target your health concerns.

Benefits of NET Remedies®

NET Remedies® activate the body's natural healing abilities using the scientific concept of "like-cures-like." Whether you are seeking NET Remedies® for chronic conditions or homeopathic remedies for stress and emotional states such as grief, confusion or mood swings, you can find relief.

'Like cures Like' (Part I & Part II)

Part I. NET uses a 'like-cures-like' principle in this way: When we ask patients to re-experience an emotion from their past (such as anger, fear, etc.) within the context of doing NET, we're asking them to go back and briefly relive a memory — and in reliving that memory they produce a feeling (with an associated physiological response), and that feeling is an important 'like-cures-like' component of the NET correction process.

In developing NET, Dr. Scott Walker came to find that there were times when the body needed extra support to fully release a stressful issue. After more than 2 years of clinical investigations and testing various products (essential oils, herbs, remedies, vitamins, etc.), he found that specific homeopathic remedies significantly helped the NET process where other products did not.

Part II. Homeopathy also uses a 'like-cures-like' principle — In fact, it's a verified law of pharmacology called the Law of Similars. Using this principle, Dr. Walker created specific NET Remedies formulas, which he clinically tested and then shared with other practitioners. Since 1994, the NET Remedies have been used by thousands of practitioners to help support their patients in the release of stress-related toxins, and they are considered to be a valuable enhancement to the NET process.


Here are some examples of the many benefits of using NET homeopathic remedies:

NET is used by Mind-oriented practitioners to help their clients process and release stress-related issues — both in mind and body.

While the NET protocol itself is not considered to be psychology, the following principles apply within the steps of NET:

  1. cognitive (identifying thoughts and internal dialog associated with recollections),
  2. emotional (identifying the emotions the recollection elicits), and
  3. behavioral (how the recollections affect actions, relationships, etc.).


Within the steps of NET, the practitioner uses the following 8 dynamics to help address unresolved mind/body stress: 

  • Emotions are Physiologically Based
  • Pavlovian Responses
  • Emotions/Meridian System Correlations
  • Repetition Compulsion
  • The Role of Memory and Physiology
  • Manual Muscle Testing
  • Semantic Responses
  • 'Like cures Like' 



NET Remedies® for chronic conditions can help reduce your dependence on pain killers and other pharmaceuticals.


There are homeopathic remedies for targeting many different systems in the body, stress-related conditions, mood disorders, travel & jet lag and much more. View the NET Remedies Homeopathic Remedies brochure and Mind-Body Stress Relief brochure to assist in a better understanding of how homeopathies work, how to take them, learn about the formulations and how remedies can work for your needs!


Special Offer: Buy any 6+ bottles of NET Remedies and get 1 Free Guide! Must add guide to your cart to receive offer.


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