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  • #10 Scars Adhesions is a homeopathic pain relief spray
  • Suitable for ingestion and external use
  • 100% vegetarian friendly
  • Use in the treatment of itching scars, insect bites and stings, joint pain, and arthritis
  • Can be used to provide support for post-surgery scars or those caused by injury
  • Helpful for use on any type of scar tissue
  • Recommended dose: spray on healing scar or ingest as required. Do not spray on an open wound


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When a wound is inflicted on the body, the nerve endings can suffer damage. As they start to heal, they can generate an itching sensation, which can cause the sufferer some discomfort. NET Remedies #10 Scars Adhesions 60 ml Oral Liquid is a homeopathic preparation designed to relieve those symptoms. However, the spray can also be used to counter the discomfort caused by internal healing and is suitable for both internal and external use.

NET Remedies #10 Scars Adhesions 60 ml Oral Liquid contains a potent mix of hydroflouricum ac, Graphites, calcium fluoride, Lachesis, Silicea, Rhus tox, Plumb met, causticum, Thiosinaminum, and sepia. These are protected by a compound of citric acid, pure water, and potassium sorbate. In addition to itching scars, the spray can be used to treat the physical distress caused by hemorrhoids, varicose veins, and the discomfort caused by internal organs healing. This treatment can be taken as required until the problematic sensation passes.


Active Ingredients:

Contains equal volumes of the following official homeopathic drug products, manufactured according to HPUS standards in 12X, 30X, 100X, and LM1 potencies: Calc fluor, Causticum, Graphites, Hydroflouricum ac, Lachesis, Plumb met, Rhus tox, Sepia, Silicea, Thiosinaminum.

Inactive Ingredients:

Citric acid, Potassium sorbate, Pure water.

Physical indicators include:

Conditions associated with joint-type problems, itching, scars, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, pressure or pulling sensations in internal organs, back pain, insect bites/stings, arthritis, or stiff and aching joints.

Recommended for any type of scar or fibrous adhesion-type discomfort, as well as support for scars from surgery or injury.