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Vielight is a world leader in the field of photo-dynamic therapy.  The specific frequencies used in patented Vielight instruments are designed to stimulate neuron repair and function in the brain. Research has shown that certain frequencies can improve brain function. The 810 frequency is useful in improving memory. I think of my Vielight like a battery charger for my brain. I find my memory recall is noticeably faster after using the Vielight.

The Vielight company backs their products with an incredible guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase or performance of your Vielight System you may return it. Vielight offers a 6 month 80% refund policy and a 1 year manufacture warranty.

I have used these products and I am impressed with the improvements I have seen in my memory and general cognitive function.

Our most popular model is the 810 device, which is the model I use and recommend for most age related memory issues. The Vielight 810 Infrared is engineered for gentle brain stimulation.

The 633 device is ideal for blood irradiation, due to its Cold LED Red Beam measuring 633nm length in the electromagnetic spectrum. Ideal for systemic photobiomodulation via photonic diffusion through the nasal blood capillaries.

The similar functioning 655 device has a Cold Laser Red Beam measuring 655nm length in the electromagnetic spectrum. Ideal for systemic photobiomodulation via photonic diffusion through the nasal blood capillaries.

The main difference between the larger units and the small units is power. The larger units have three light sources versus one in the small units.

If you have conditions like; General Brain Health, Stroke, PTSD, Depression and Anxiety, I would recommend the Neuro Alpha device.

If you have more serious conditions like; symptoms similar to Alzheimer's, Parkinson, Dementia from concussion (CTE), Lewy body dementia, Mild cognitive impairment, ALS or ADD, I would recommend the Neuro Gamma device due to its advanced capabilities.

If you have a question as to which unit would work best for you, email us at: and our helpful staff can assist you.

Stephen Smith, M.D.