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Integrative Therapeutic is a leading manufacturer and distributor of science-based nutritional supplements, committed exclusively to healthcare professionals. Our formulations are uniquely developed to be safely and effectively integrated with diet and lifestyle recommendations to provide therapeutic benefits for improved patient health. It is our goal to provide the products and the resources you need to cultivate healthy practices - for you, your patients, and your practice.
View all absorption Acid Indigestion Activated Charcoal Adapt Gens Adaptation to Changes in Light ADHD adherence Adrenal And Hormonal Adrenal fatigue Adrenal Gland Function Adrenal Glandular Adrenal Support Aging aging process aging support Allergen Free Allergies alleviate fatigue Alpha-Glycols Isoquercitrin Amino Acids Anti Oxidants anti-aging anti-cancer Anti-Inflammatory Pathways antioxidant Antioxidant Support AntioxidantGastric Mucosa Antioxidants antioxidation anxiety anxiety disorder Arteries Arthritis Ashwagandha B Vitamins Back Pain Balance of Vaginal Micro flora balanced mood Balanced Nutrition Beta-Carotene Better Sleep Bile Flow Bile production Bile Salts biofilm Bladder Cancer bloating Blood Blood Flow Blood Flow in Brain blood pressure Blood Pressure Levels Blood Sugar Blood Sugar Metabolism Body Care Body CareCell Development body's own defenses Bodybuilding Bone Bone Health Bone Mineral Density Bone Structure Bone Supplement Bone Support bone-supporting bone-supporting nutrients Bones Bones Health Boost Plasma Boswellia Extract bowel disease Bowel Elimination bowel function bowel movements brain Brain Cells Brain Compound Gamma Amino Butyric Acid Brain formula Brain Function Brain Health Brain HealthVitaline Brain Neurotransmitters Break Down Blood Clots Breast Cancer bronchial passages Calcium Calcium Citrate Calm Nervousness calm sleep cancer cancer support Cancer SupportT Cancer Therapy Carbohydrate Carbs Cardiac Cardiac Function cardiovascular Cardiovascular Function Cardiovascular Health Cardiovascular Support Cardiovascular System Cartilage cell apoptosis Cell Development cell health Cell Mediation Cell Metabolism Cell signaling Cellular cellular detoxification Cellular Energy cellular energy production Cellular Function cellular health Cellular health and function Cellular Metabolism cellular proliferation cellular regulation cellular repair cellular support Central Nervous System central nervous tissue Chemo ChemoT Child Neurological Development Childs Focus cholesterol cholesterol balance cholesterol levels Cholesterol Support chronic fatigue Chronic fatigue syndrome Circulation circulatory brain Cleansing agent cleansing fiber clear-headed comfort Cognition And Memory cognitive clarity Cognitive Function Cognitive Support Cold Cold & Flu colon cleanse colon function colon health Color Vision colorectal cancer concentration Congestion Conjunction Connective Tissue connective tissues CoQ10 Cortex Cough CRPS CRPS.heart attack CRPST Curcumax Pro Curcumin Cytokine Response daytime alertness Decrease Anxiety Defense Mechanisms depression detoxication Detoxification Detoxification Factors DetoxificationLiver Detoxifiers And Chelators Dhea Alternative DHEA Complete DHEA Supplementation Diabetes diabetes T Diet Supplements dietary fats Dietary Fiber dietary management Dietary Supplement Dietary Supplements digestion digestion of fats digestion problems digestion support digestive Digestive Disorders Digestive Enzyme Digestive Enzymes Digestive Function Digestive Health Digestive Impairment Digestive Problems Digestive Problemscolonoscopy digestive relief Digestive Support Digestive Support Formulas Digestive System digestive tract digestive upset DNA Integrity easier digestion Echinacea Alone Electrolytes Eliminate Toxins Endocrine endopeptidase energy Energy and Stamina Energy Boost Energy Levels Energy Metabolism Energy Production Energy support Enhanced Liver Detoxification Enzymatic Therapy enzymes Esberitox Essential Nutrients essential oil essential vitamins estrogen metabolism Estrogen Metabolites exercise exopeptidase activity eye comfort eye function Eye Health Eyes Eyes Health Fast Acting Seasonal Support fat digestion Fat especially for Children fatigue Fatigue And Fibromyalgia Fats Fatty Acids fibromyalgia Fish Oil flu food allergens Forgetfulness free radical Free Radicals free-radical free-radical detoxification G. I Health G.I. Balance GABA Gallbladder Function Gallbladder Health gas Gas and Bloating Gastric Discomforts Gastric Function Gastric Mucosa gastric mucosa support Gastric Support gastrointestinal Gastrointestinal Complaints Gastrointestinal Discomfort Gastrointestinal Dysfunction gastrointestinal ecology gastrointestinal function Gastrointestinal Health gastrointestinal pH Gastrointestinal Problems Gastrointestinal Supplement Gastrointestinal Support Gastrointestinal Tract GI Balance GI dysfunction GI tract GI tract health Glucosamine glucose absorption Glucose Metabolism Glucose Support Formula Glutamine Forte glutathione production Glutathione Support gluten free diet Glycemic Manager Grape Seed Extract Grape Seed Extract Antioxidant Grape Seed Extract Supplement Green Tea gut barrier function hair hair health Headache Health & Beauty Health Products Health Supplement Healthy Aging Healthy Antioxidation Healthy Blood Sugar Healthy Blood Vessels healthy bones Healthy Bones & Teeth Healthy Energy Levels Healthy Estrogen Metabolism Healthy Heart Healthy Heart and Bones Healthy Intestinal Microflora Healthy Methylation Levels Healthy Mood healthy sexual drive Healthy Skin healthy sleep Healthy Stomach Acid healthy thyroid function Heart Heart Health Heart and brain health Heart Cholesterol Heart Function Heart Health Heart Muscle Function heart muscles Heartburn HeartburnT Herbal Remedies Herbs High Cholesterol High Potency Probiotics Supplement Hoarseness Holy Basil Homocysteine Blood Levels Homocysteine Levels Hormone Hormone Balance Hormone Support Hot Flashes Immune Immune Balance immune cells immune defense immune defenses immune function Immune Function Support immune health Immune Response immune support immune system Immune System Function Increases Cellular Energy Indigestion infections injuries Insulin metabolism insulin response Integrative Therapeutics intestinal Intestinal Health Intestinal Balance intestinal barrier intestinal care intestinal comfort Intestinal Flora intestinal function Intestinal Health intestinal microflora Intestinal Mucosal Lining intestinal overgrowth Intestinal Permeability intestinal response intestinal support Intestinal Tract Intestine Intestines Intestines Support intracellular glutathione Iron Iron Complex Iron Free iron levels irritable bowel syndrome Krebs Cycle leg pain Lipid metabolism Liquid Cinnamon Liquid Fish Oil Liver Liver Health Liver Detoxification liver fractions Liver Function Liver Support Magnesium Maintain Digestive System Maintain Energy Levels Maintain Eye Moisture Maintain Healthy Joint Maintain Healthy Joints Maintained Blood Pressure mast cell function Mechanisms medical food Medication Membranes memory Memoryneurological disorders Menopausal Symptoms Menopause Menstrual Cycles Menstrual Relief Mental Alertness Mental Function mental functions Mental Outlook mental sharpness mental stress Mental stressors Metabolic function Metabolism metabolization methylation MethylpheFatigue Microbial Balance Mineral Mineral Mass Minerals minerals supplement MineralsIntegrative Therapeutics Minor Aches Mitochondria mitochondrial mitochondrial cell membranes Mitochondrial Function Mitochondrial functioning MitochondriaT mood Mood and Sleep Mood Balance Mood Swings Morning Grogginess Mucosal Mucous Multi-Vitamin Multivitamin Multivitamins Muscle muscle function Muscle Health muscle relaxation Muscle tension Muscles muscles & bones Muscles and Bones muscles Health Natural Activated Natural Anti-Inflammatory Response Natural Antioxidant Natural Detox Cleanse Natural Immune Boosting Supplement Natural Killer Cells Natural Medicines Natural Nutrient Natural Supplements Natural Support for Healthy Joints Naturopath Nausea nerve cell function Nerve Function nerve growth nerve pain Nerve Tissues Nervous System nervous tissues nervousness neuralgia neurochemical balance Neurological Neurological Development neurological diseases Neurological Function Neurological Support Neurological Systems Night Sweats Night Vision night's sleep nights sleep nighttime support night’s sleep normal Mood normal sleep Nutraceuticals nutrient absorption Nutrients Nutrition Nutrition Support Nutritional Health nutritional needs Nutritional Supplement Nutritional Supplements nutritional support Occasional Absentmindedness occasional anxiety occasional fatigue Occasional Gas occasional heartburn Occasional indigestion occasional irritation occasional pain Older Omega Fish Oils Omega-3 Optimal digestion Optimal Protein Digestion Optimal Relaxation (Relieve Stress oral mucosa oral mucosal integrity Organic Nutrition Organic Products Organic Vitamins and Supplements Osteoporosis Prevention Osteoprime Osteoprime Ultra Overall health Oxidation Oxidative Stress pain pain and stiffness Pancreatic Enzyme Pancreatic Enzymes Pearls perimenopause relief Periodontal Health Petadolex pH conditions Physical Stamina physical stressors physiological functions Phytonutrients poor diet Postmenopausal Women Premenopausal Function Premenstrual Stress Syndrome Premenstrual Support Prevent Night Blindness Prevent Oxidation Prevents Oxidation Prevents Recycling of Toxins Pro Enzymatic Therapy Probiotic Probiotic Pearls probiotic protection probiotic strains Probiotic Supplement ProBiotics Promotes Cardiovascular Health Promotes Joint prostate health Protein Protein Digestion Psychological Stress Pure Omega Quality Natural Health Products Quality Sleep Radicals Excess Radicals Free Red Blood Cell red blood cells Reduce Depression & Stress Reduced Glutathione Supplement Reduces Kidney Excretion Reducing Stress relaxation Relaxation & Mental Focus Relief Anxiety Relieve Gas and Bloating Relieve Pain And Stiffness Relieving Hot Flashes Respiration Respiratory Respiratory Function Respiratory Functions Respiratory Health respiratory irritations respiratory tract irritations respiratory treatment Restful Sleep Rhodiola Rhodiola Energy Rhodiola Rosea Ritalin sciatica sensitive stomachs Serum levels of CoQ10 severe constipation Sex Hormones Sexual Function Sexual Health sexual pleasure sexual satisfaction Sharp Brain Function Sinus Health sinus pain skin Skin Care Skin Health Skin Renewal Sleep Sleep Cycles)gastritis sleep health sleep onset sleep quality Sleeplessness Small Intestine soothe discomforts Sore Throat Spectrum Disorder speed recovery Stability Cell Stabilization of Mast Cells stamina Stamina Support Stiffness stomach Stomach Acid Stomach Acidity stomach acids Stomach Discomfort stomach health Stomach Lining stress Stress Defenses Stress Hormone stress hormone balance stress hormones Stress Management stress reducing Stress Relax Stress Relief Stress Resistance Stress Response Stress Response System Supplement Supplementation Supplements Support Cardiac Support Hormone Support the Thrives Supporting Colon Function Supports Digestion Supports Glucuronidation Supports Healthy Lungs Supports Immune System Supports Intestinal Flora Supports Metabolism Supports Optimal Hair & Nails Supports Prostate Supports Protein Supports Sinus Syndrome Tendons Testosterone Levels testosterone production theracumin theracumn Thymus Gland Thyroid Thyroid Disease Thyroid Function thyroid hormones Thyroid Support tissue repair Tissue Repair Mechanisms Tooth Care Trans Methylation Support Trauma Turmeric upper respiratory irritations upper respiratory support Upset Stomach Urinary Tract Function urinary tract symptoms urogenital health uterine Cancer vaginal colonization vaginal odor Vaginal Odor and Comfort vaginal tract Vasodilatation Vessels Vitaline Vitamin Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamins Vitamins & Minerals Vitamins and Minerals Vitamins and Supplements Weight Gain White Blood Cell Functions Winter Remedy Women's Health Yeast Balance Yeast Health Youth Zinc

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