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Aidan Products provides healthcare professionals with the highest quality and most innovative nutraceutical supplements available. The company was founded in 2001 by Neil H. Riordan, PhD, an innovative research scientist with an extensive background in stem cell, immunology and cancer research. The products are sold by leading medical practitioners around the world.

Neil Riordan, PhD, a renowned research scientist with an interest in alternative medicine. Dr. Riordan has held leadership positions at leading research institutes, including a ten year tenure at the Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning and the Bio-Communications Research Institute in Wichita, Kansas, where he collaborated with his father, Hugh Riordan MD, a world renowned cancer researcher, and a group of other dedicated scientists to finding alternative therapies for cancer. In addition to his important cancer research surrounding the use of Vitamin C as a cancer therapy, Dr. Riordan made other significant discoveries including:

Discovering a molecule from the bindweed plant that stops new blood vessels from growing, which are needed in order for abnormal tissue to grow and spread.
Discovering a molecule from the cell walls of bacteria that both stimulates the immune system and encourages the immune system to produce a third molecule, which stops new blood vessels from growing. Both of these blood vessel inhibitor molecules were extensively tested and found to halt abnormal growth in multiple types of abnormal cell growth. These discoveries formed the basis for several of Aidan’s products including Imm-Kine, C-Statin and IVC-Max. Dr. Riordan continually researches and publishes new findings and now holds dozens of U.S. and International patents and pending patents on products and treatment methods and has authored over 50 peer-reviewed publications.

Dr. Riordan’s research led him to an interest in stem cells and their regenerative capabilities. In 2005, Dr. Riordan founded the Institute for Cellular Medicine in Costa Rica, dedicated to the administration of stem cell therapies using safe, non-controversial adult stem cells on a fee-for-service basis and expanded these services in Panama in 2009 with the Stem Cell Institute. During this time, he has collaborated with some of the top stem cell scientists in the world. Through his research, Dr. Riordan has discovered molecules that stimulate the mobilization of stem cells sourced from the bone marrow and the prolonged increase in the number of circulating stem cells for an extended period of time. These discoveries let to the development of Stem-Kine, a product which has been the subject of two clinical studies. Dr. Riordan’s passion is what drives Aidan Products to continually develop cutting edge products to promote healthy living.


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