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Agape Nutrition, LLC is owned and operated by Stephen Smith, M.D., who is an integrative functional medicine physician.

After becoming a doctor, Stephen fell ill to some unknown and puzzling symptoms. Conventional medicine repeatedly attempted to treat the symptoms but could not get to the root cause of the illnesses. Stephen learned how to heal himself naturally, through integrative medicine. Today he is a Medical Doctor who specializes in Integrative Functional & Environmental Medicine. He opened his private medical practice in 1983, but he didn't stop there.

He is passionate about helping others, and with that in mind, he created Agape Nutrition in 1998. He enjoys sharing the knowledge he gained from his personal health journey, through his educational outlets and social media. He strives in educating others on how to heal, and create a healthy lifestyle with natural supplements and remedies. He wanted to ensure that everyone had access to essential health resources and integrative knowledge of healing naturally, while utilizing the same supplements that helped him heal.



At Agape Nutrition we strive to do more than just supply supplements. We also put together suggested protocols to support different medical conditions, which are hand selected and bundled by Stephen Smith, M.D. These targeted protocols and suggestions are the same nutritional protocols used in our medical clinic, NW Integrative Medicine. The key difference is each of these protocols and the supplements in them, has been tested over several years to be proven effective.

Our mission is to provide information and advice on healing ailments by living a healthier, holistic life. We are passionate about your well being at every stage and walk of life. Whether it be for existing chronic ailments or preventative care for a healthier future, we ensure to provide the best research and resources for a healthy and natural lifestyle. Agape Nutrition is our corner of the web dedicated to all things wellness, nutrition, and holistic treatments.

We always welcome your feedback, opinions, and guest posts. If you’re interested in working with us or just want to say hello, send us an email.



Please note that Agape Hemp and Agape Nutrition, LLC is not a medical facility and therefore we do not have any medical staff on board, nor do we provide any medical advice on any of our products. Our helpful staff can assist you with orders, pricing and general product information which can also be found on our website, video tutorials, blog articles, and product labels. We are owned and operated by a medical doctor, who does take appointments in his medical facility at NW Integrative Medicine.



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