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Our mission is to provide information and advice on healing ailments by living a healthier, holistic life. We are passionate about your well being at every stage and walk of life. Whether it be for existing chronic ailments or preventative care for a healthier future, we ensure to provide the best research and resources for a healthy and natural lifestyle.

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Yes. NW Integrative Medicine is an integrative medical clinic combining conventional medicine with proven alternative, complementary and functional medical practices. We go beyond helping patients cope and just treating the symptoms; to exploring the very root of the issue and applying proven protocols that assist in complete health and wellness. Agape Nutrition is the dietary supplement dispensary, in which the doctor uses to treat patients, as well as retail through our web store, to customers like you.

Agape Nutrition is the dietary supplement dispensary that works with NW Integrative Medicine and therefore, you may schedule an appointment with Stephen L. Smith M.D. for any medical questions or advice, recommendations, or medical treatment. The doctor see's patients locally and also offers telephone consults. You can call our medical facility to shchedule your appointment today!

NW Integrative Medicine: 509-946-2101 (appointments only)

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We are located in the state of Washington, in the Pacific Northwest (PST).

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