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Agape Nutrition is a division of NW Integrative Medicine, owned and operated by Stephen L. Smith, MD. NW Integrative Medicine is an integrative medical clinic combining conventional medicine with proven alternative, complementary and functional medical practices. We go beyond helping patients cope and just treating the symptoms; to exploring the very root of the issue and applying protocols that assist in complete health and wellness. Agape Nutrition is the dietary supplement dispensary, in which the doctor uses to treat patients, as well as retail through our web store, to customers like you. Thank you for visiting us!


"I, Stephen Smith M.D. began my journey into integrative medicine in 1985, when I developed fibromyalgia and realized I was clueless regarding effective and rapid treatment. Surprisingly, so were most of my colleagues, who like me, practiced traditional or allopathic medicine. Following the quote, "physician, heal thyself", I started my own quest into alternative and integrative medicine. Subsequently, I realized my case was not unique. I discovered that many of the physicians at integrative medicine meetings and training sessions also suffered from similar health conditions; many restored to full health and vitality using integrative medicine.

It has been my privilege to learn from some of the brightest physicians from around the world who generously shared their knowledge and expertise. It is this knowledge that helped restore my own health and that of others I have had the opportunity to treat. Though many of the techniques of integrative medicine have been used in Europe for many years, it is a relatively new concept in the US. However, because of the benefits offered by both medical disciplines, many integrative medicine clinics have now successfully established a foothold in the United States as well. I have been using integrative medicine techniques for many years and I have been pleased with results I have seen in myself and my patients."

Agape Nutrition LLC is a division of Northwest Integrative Medicine PLLC, and is a division of Northwest Healthcare and Wellness Center PLLC, which in turn is a medical practice specializing in integrative and environmental medicine with specialized niches in: Allergy, Functional Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, IV Nutritional Therapy, Chelation, Prolozone Therapy, MTHFR, Biofilm, Hormone Replacement, Diet Therapy. Northwest Integrative Medicine can be found online at: www.nwimed.com


Please note that Agape Nutrition, LLC is not a medical facility and therefore we do not have any medical staff on board, nor do we provide any medical advice on any of our products. Our helpful staff can assist you with orders, pricing and general product information which can also be found on our website, video tutorials, blog articles, and on the product labels.


Yes. Agape Nutrition is the dietary supplement dispensary of NW Integrative Medicine and therefore, you may schedule an appointment with Stephen Smith M.D. for any medical questions or advice, recommendations, or medical treatment. The doctor see's patients locally and also offers telephone consults. You can call our medical facility, NW Integrative Medicine, to schedule your appointment today! 509-946-2101 (appointments only).


We are located in the state of Washington, in the Pacific Northwest (PST).

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