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Energize Your Routine During National Women’s Health Week

Energize Your Routine During National Women’s Health Week

HIIT Fitness for Busy Moms: A Smart Strategy to Stay Fit

As we step into National Women’s Health Week (May 12-18), it’s the perfect opportunity to focus on empowering women, especially busy moms, to take charge of their health with efficient and effective workouts. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) offers a perfect blend of challenge and efficiency, ideal for those with packed schedules but unwavering fitness goals.


HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods. The advantage of HIIT is that workouts are shorter and can be completed in 20-30 minutes including warm-up and cool-down times. HIIT is generally compared to moderate intensity continuous training (MICT) in research. One of the strongest predictors of future health quality is to consider aerobic exercise capacity. The better the aerobic capacity, the lower the risk of death from any cause. To support this goal, it’s generally recommended to get 150 minutes of light or 75 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise per week.

Studies have found HIIT can have a greater reduction in cardiovascular disease risk factors including total weight and cholesterol levels when compared to MICT. HIIT training can also help maintain healthy blood sugar numbers. HIIT, like most exercises, can improve blood pressure, exercise endurance, shortness of breath, etc. Originally designed for athletes, in more recent times, it has been found supportive of people who have chronic disease. This is due to shorter workout times, meaning more people may be able to fit it into their schedule. 

As always, do not start a new workout routine until you get the okay from your doctor. HIIT workouts can be intense, though they can be tailored to people’s current fitness levels and medical conditions by an experienced coach or physical therapist. An example of a very short HIIT workout is below. More activities can be added or subtracted as desired, and many websites have HIIT workouts listed.

HIIT Workout Example

  • 30 seconds of side lunges, alternating right to left
  • 15 seconds of slow marches in place
  • 30 seconds of squats (variation for higher intensity: jump squats)
  • 15 seconds of slow marches in place
  • 30 seconds of push-ups on the floor (modification: at a 45-degree angle on a sturdy chair, or against the wall)
  • 15 seconds of slow marches in place
  • 30 seconds of jumping jacks (modification: alternate right and left tapping toes to the sides while bringing arms overhead as you would a jumping jack)
  • 15 seconds of slow marches in place
  • Repeat the whole workout twice more

Enhance Your Workout with Tailored Supplements

For moms on the go, the right supplements can enhance physical performance and recovery. Here’s our top pick of supplements ideal for active moms:

- Research Nutritionals Energy Multi-Plex: Essential vitamins and minerals boost energy levels for a sustained workout. Explore Energy Multi-Plex.

- DaVinci Labs Spectra Oranges with CoQ10: Provides a quick energy boost and essential nutrients to support cardiovascular health. Check out Spectra Oranges.

- Pure Essence LifeEssence Women Multivitamin: A comprehensive multivitamin tailored for women, supporting overall health and vitality. Learn more about LifeEssence.

- ATP Ignite Workout Mixed Berry: Enhances energy production and endurance with a tasty mixed berry flavor. View ATP Ignite Workout.

- IGG Pure: Supports immune function and recovery, crucial for maintaining workout consistency. Find out more about IGG Pure.

- Female Health Packets: Customized health support in convenient packets for women, enhancing wellness and energy levels. Discover Female Health Packets.

Further Reading

For those looking to dive deeper into women’s wellness and nutrition:

- Empowering Women's Wellness: The Essential Guide to Nutrition and Health]

- Shake Up Your Exercise This Spring

In celebrating National Women’s Health Week, let’s empower moms with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive physically and mentally. Dive into HIIT to maximize fitness results and support your body with the best in nutritional supplements for an active and vibrant lifestyle.

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