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Heartburn & Acid Reflux

Natural Healthy Alternatives

Heartburn and Reflux are common problems. Generally, these issues can be helped with digestive enzymes or digestive enzymes containing betaine (stomach acid). Betaine is helpful because it helps digest proteins and turns off the proton pump which makes stomach acid. Heartburn is generally caused by a lack of stomach acid, not too much. If there is not enough stomach acid produced by the proton pump then there is insufficient acid to both digest food properly and turn off the pump. If the proton pump is not turned off the stomach continues to produce stomach acid after the food is gone causing heartburn.

The products listed here are designed to control heartburn. However, you may also need a digestive enzyme. Digestive Enzymes are listed in their own section. 

Our main recommendation is GI Guard AM and PM.

We also like the Acid-Ease is designed more to control the symptoms of heartburn, not to prevent it.  It can be found by using search and Heartburn.

We have found all of these products work very well and don't have the risks of proton pump inhibitors, which are only intended for short-term use.

Recently, Zantac has been removed from the shelves of most drugstores due to a recent study linking it use to liver cancer.  We have changed this collection to recommend those supplements that could support digestion without the risk of liver cancer.  The obvious first choice is Prilosec OTC, but long term use of Prilosec can deplete B12 absorption.  We believe our products are both effective and safe.

We recommend trying GI Guard AM twice daily for everyday heartburn.

If your symptoms are worse at night or only at night then try GI Guard PM at bedtime.  It is especially formulated to address nighttime heartburn.




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