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Cancer Support

Supplements for nutrition, immune system support, easily digested shakes, specifically targeted formulations for use during cancer treatment & radiation therapy.

Cancer Support

Cancer puts tremendous nutritional burdens on the body. The body's immune system is out of balance. In many cases, the body is overloaded with toxins.  Toxic overload combined with nutritional deficiencies are common findings in cancer patients. Low vitamin D is associated with an increased risk of most common cancers. Most people are vitamin D deficient. Recent research confirms the link between low vitamin levels and increased risk of colon cancer.

Our cancer support products are designed to help with detoxification and supply adequate amounts of key nutrients.  


There are 2,000 published studies showing how curcumin may prevent cancer and slow the spread of cancer. Curcumin can also make chemotherapy more effective. It is no surprise that curcumin makes the top of our list of supplements all cancer patients should be taking.


Detoxification is crucial to proper functioning of your immune system. We recommend using a homeopathic detox along with vitamin and mineral support. We highly recommend using Wholly Immune as the vitamin and mineral support. This product was designed by a famous German oncologist for the nutritional support of his cancer patients. It comes in two sizes 300 and 900 grams.

Homeopathics work well to improve detoxification. Many chemicals are foreign to the body's detoxification system. Homeopathics help the body recognize and eliminate toxins. The detox drops should be started slowly as they can cause a very rapid detoxification in very toxic people. The Hervert Detox Kit is designed to cleanse the lymphatics, liver, kidneys, and intestines.

Vitamin D

Multiple studies have shown the benefits of vitamin D. One of the key benefits is a big drop in cancer rates in those taking adequate amounts of vitamin D. The RDA dose of vitamin D will no get the average person close to those levels which are 60 to 100 ng/mL. Costa Rican lifeguards have levels up to 150 ng/mL. In order to achieve these levels most people need to take between 5,000 and 10,000 units a day. I have found the most cost-effective way to take vitamin D is to take a large weekly dose of 50,000 to 100,000 units. One should not take supplemental calcium when taking higher doses of vitamin D as it is not needed. I recommend  Bio-Tech's Vitamin D3 -50,000. Vitamin D levels should be monitored when taking higher levels of vitamin D3.

Cancer articles related to nutrition from the NIH library.




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