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Standard Process

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Standard Process, MediHerb, SP Children's, and Veterinary Formula

Agape Nutrition partners with Standard Process to support health with whole food-based supplements.

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Whole food nutrition - just as nature intended.


Advancing Health Through Whole Food Nutrition

There’s a holistic synergy to everything we do. Our brands include a comprehensive offering of high-quality products that collectively support your entire family on the journey to optimal health.


Quality Control from Soil to Supplement

Testing and preserving the whole food-based complex is, and always has been, our top priority. To account for real-world variability inherent in safeguarding the nutritional integrity of our ingredients, we apply a holistic approach to how we farm, source, manufacture, and quality-assure our products.



Committed to Corporate Sustainability

Sustainability and environmental stewardship have always been an important aspect of operations at Standard Process. Because living a healthy lifestyle starts with healthy foods, and healthy foods start with a healthy environment. This commitment goes far beyond our organic and regenerative farming practices. It extends into the ways we can conserve energy, water, and create less waste on our farm, in our manufacturing plant, and at our corporate headquarters. We believe in making an impact on the environment by committing to doing things the right way – the health of the planet and future generations depends on it.

Nutrition Research Driven by Our Commitment to Change Lives

At Standard Process, we’ve always been driven to excellence in our efforts to change lives through whole food nutrition. It started with our founder, Dr. Royal Lee, a born inventor and innovator. Today, we continue to elevate that commitment by investing in areas such as our Nutrition Innovation Center, advanced technologies on our farm, and valuable relationships that help us advance within the nutritional science field.


Our Whole Food Philosophy

Since 1929, Standard Process has been dedicated to the field of nutritional supplements and the whole food philosophy introduced by Dr. Royal Lee. His goal was to provide nutrients as they are found in nature – in a whole food state where he believed their natural potency and efficacy would be realized. Based on this philosophy, we start with whole foods – like peas, radishes, and beets. Then, we prepare these ingredients in a way that safeguards their nutritional value. A whole food supplement is a complex formula that includes whole food-based plant ingredients, plant and animal extracts, desiccates, or synthetic ingredients as required to create the best dietary supplement for each health indication.