Memory Loss

Memory loss is a common complaint.  Memory loss can be part of normal aging or the first symptom of something more serious like pending Alzheimer's Disease.  Usually, the first sign is just a slowing of recall.   You have trouble finding a word or a name when you need it only to have it come to you a few minutes later.  If this is you, then some of these products may help.

As we age we lose neurons and our brains shrink a bit.  The brain requires the most energy of any organ using about 20% of our total energy production.  About 2/3s of that energy is used to power the neurons and 1/3 is used to maintain and clean the brain.  ATP (adenosine triphosphate) powers our brain cells.  ATP utilization varies with our brain activity.  

I found a number of supplements that help improve memory and brain function.  The ones I recommend are listed below.

Research is showing that light can improve brain function and increase the production of ATP in the brain mitochondria.  Mitochondria are the powerhouses of our cells.  Research indicates that increasing brain mitochondrial can halt and even reverse brain aging.  We can increase brain mitochondria with the Vielights and nutritional support.


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