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Chelation - Get the Lead Out

Chelation Therapy

Lead is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease, especially in diabetics. If you suffer from problems with diabetic neuropathy, vascular insufficiency, brain function, poor kidney function. Chelation therapy is how you get the lead out. In the past chelation therapy was done primarily by IV therapy. However, now you can pull the lead out with oral products. Dr. Garry Gordon, the founder of ACAM, the group that trains doctors how to do chelation therapy has proved oral chelation with EDTA works. The products in this collection have been selected by Dr. Smith.  

Environmental Defense is a blend of herbs, binders, and key amino acids, that gently help bind and remove toxins. It also helps with the elimination of the products via the colon.

Cardio Chelation contains the EDTA the main chelator of lead in IV chelation solutions plus vitamin, mineral, and herbal support for the heart as well.

Zeolite binds up mercury and lead, but the problem is absorption and excretion. ACZ nano zeolite by using nanotechnology. Nanotechnology works by decreasing the particle size down to nano size range, which greatly enhances both their absorption and excretion. The nano-size particles greatly increase the surface area available to absorb toxins making the product much more effective.

Quicksilver EDTA with R-Li.


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