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ÆTHEION® By Chem Cream, Beyond your Expectations Proprietary Formulations for Personal Care Skincare and Cosmetic Products. All ÆTHEION® products contain the proprietary redox technology to support healthy skincare with the capability of simulating an ionic zinc-copper superoxide dismutase effect. Redox Technology is a process of reducing the skin’s oxidation, by transferring electrons from a radical state to a stress-free normal condition. Oxidative stress is a form of cellular aging that may age skin rapidly. Proper skincare utilizing superior products by ÆTHEION® will support a youthful glow, firm appearance, and retain hydration and elasticity for healthier skin. ÆTHEION® is a cosmetic system of formulations that vary in use, purpose, concentrations and blends of ionized minerals. The higher the number of ÆTHEION® redox technology in each product, the greater concentration of redox potential it contains. This means the products work harder for the health and beauty of the largest organ in the human body, "our skin". ÆTHEION® provides safe science, formulated with exceptional ingredients, over a family of uses. Many items in the product line are designed to work together for maximum affect. Explore which products will work for your skincare needs!


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