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AETHEION® ZCM15 is a natural antioxidant serum for use after the regular facial cleansing routine.

ZCM15 Facial Serum contains our proprietary Redox Technology with its advanced Zinc/Copper SuperOxide Dismutase to clean your skin of free radicals.

This antioxidant cleanser combines ZCM15 Redox Technology in an advanced formulation of Zn/Cu SOD combined with silver and the ancient power of the calendula plant. The Calendula plant has been used for centuries to protect skin from harsh conditions. Use as a first application to cleanse, reduce free radicals, and re-energize the skin’s younger, smoother look.

ZCM15 Facial Serum is not just a cleanser; it fights free radicals and balances the lipid barrier, pulling out any toxins clogging up pores. With years of research in antioxidant protection, nutrient-rich calendula has successfully taken out impurities for clearer skin. In addition, ZCM15 Serum significantly reduces damage from oxidative stress, diminishing signs of aging.

After your regular facial washing routine, apply ZCM15 Serum to deeply eliminate impurities and free radicals left on your skin. This antioxidant serum prepares and protects your skin from environmental factors by significantly reducing damage from oxidative stress.

Key ingredients

  • Cationic Zinc + Copper + Magnesium + Hydrogen + Amine + Sulfur
  • Calendula (Calendula Officinalis Extract)
  • Silver Citrate


Shake the bottle of AETHEION® ZCM15 Facial Calendula Serum before each use. Apply the facial serum, specifically as a deep skin cleanser, to your face or skincare area. Place a few drops of AETHEION® ZCM15 Facial Serum on a cotton pad or clean finger and apply to the skin. Once absorbed, use additionally any AETHEION® skincare product. Do not place it in the eye or eye area. Store out of sunlight in a cool, dry place.

Recommendations for use

Ingredients List

Water, Ammonium Sulfate, Calendula Officinalis Extract, Zinc Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Magnesium Sulfate, Sodium Hydroxide.