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#12 Flu Immune| 60 ml Oral Liquid:


#12 Flu Immune is recommended for the relief of flu-related symptoms such as aches, pains, fever, and chills. The ingredient in Flu Immune helps stimulate the body _Ès natural immunity and will not mask symptoms of an underlying serious condition. This remedy, combined with NET Remedies #9 ER 911, is recommended as the first line of defense against flu symptoms.


#12 Flu Immune contains the ingredient that is the #1 homeopathic medicines for symptoms related to the flu in the U.S., Canada, and France. Clinical studies have shown that 63% of patients who were given the same ingredient that _Ès in this product showed a clear improvement within 48 hours.



Anas barbariae hepatis cordis extractum.


At the onset of flu symptoms:

12 spray (under tongue) every 6 hours up to 3 times a day. To use as a preventative: 6 sprays (under tongue) once a week is recommended.

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