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All About Turmeric

All About Turmeric

We here at Agape Nutrition are always on the lookout for different ways you can better your health. We were deeply intrigued by turmeric, a common (and accessible) spice hailing from the Curcuma longa plant, as a valuable addition to your diet and/or list of supplements. Below, we will tell you all about why turmeric could be great for your health and easy ways to work it into your healthcare routine!

What Does Turmeric Do?

Turmeric has the potential to help reduce inflammation, keeping your body in a state of remission after the initial flare-up. It is an effective antioxidant and has also aided dementia patients by decreasing memory loss with its neurocognitive and anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, it reduces your risk of heart disease. It can also aid in soothing symptoms of depression, as well as potentially reversing changes to your brain caused by depression. Lastly, turmeric can even help prevent cancer by killing cancer cells, reducing the blood vessel growth in tumors, and reducing the spread of cancer.

The real question may be, what can’t turmeric do?

How To Consume Turmeric

As a spice, turmeric (or curcumin) can be consumed in supplement or powder form. Supplements are available at Agape Nutrition as well as at your local pharmacy, grocery store, or general merchandise retailer. You can find turmeric in spice form at the latter two locations. Because turmeric is commonly used in cooking, you can easily find it at an accessible price at one of these stores. While cooking with turmeric does not provide as much of a boost as a supplement, it sure is a tasty, easy way to consume the helpful spice! We’ve also attached some simple recipes with turmeric that you can try out for yourself to boost your health! Linked are vegan, vegetarian, and meat-oriented options.

Turmeric can also be consumed in drink form, most popularly in Golden Milk. Turmeric drinks are boundless and can be picked up in bottled form at a market/grocery store.

Note: We recommend speaking to your doctor or healthcare provider before drastically changing your diet or adding any new supplements in conjunction with prescribed medication. Your healthcare plan should cater to your medical history and needs!

We hope this foray into turmeric has given you a new health outlet to explore. Trying new recipes at home, or simply taking a supplement, could change your health for the better. It really is that simple! Just remember not to spill it on your clothes because it stains easily (just in case you do, we’ve attached some ways to get turmeric stains out here).