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Best Supplements for Flu Season

Best Supplements for Flu Season

Note: The addition of supplements to your diet may conflict with your current medication. It is important to speak with your primary health provider before drastically changing your lifestyle or care plan. Your health is unique and individual to you, and someone well acquainted with your medical history will serve you best in creating treatment and prevention plans that work best for you. 

As fall comes around each year, the weather gets chillier, the kids go back to school, and life seems to kickstart again. But amid the harvest festivals and the pumpkin picking looms an unpleasant virus: influenza, more commonly known as the flu. 

We at Agape Nutrition have pulled together the best natural ways to boost your immune system this fall. 

We know there are a lot of lauded immune boosters out there. While Vitamin C can help shorten the length of your cold or reduce swelling in your sinuses as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it is NOT going to keep the flu away. While Vitamin C, whether in citrus or supplement form, is still good for boosting immunity, it’s not (nor should it be) the only supplement you can take. We aim to introduce other effective supplements that you may have never associated with flu-immunity!

Leafy Greens and Vitamins A, C, E, K, and Beta Carotene

When thinking about what to eat to boost your immunity, greens probably aren’t the first thing you think of. But vegetables like kale and spinach contain vitamins A, C, E, and K: nutrients you need to boost your immune system. 

Spinach and other veggies like broccoli also contain beta carotene, which your body converts into Vitamin A, one of the essential nutrients we just discussed! Vitamin A helps your body maintain its defenses against viruses and bacteria, which you definitely want in tiptop shape when flu season comes around. 


Typically, we only think of probiotics as supplements for your gut, but that is not the case! They also help bolster your immune system as well as shortening the duration of the flu! You can easily find probiotics in supplement form or yogurt products. 


Protein isn’t just your meats and cheeses. According to the Mayo Clinic Health System, “Protein comes from animal and plant sources, including milk, yogurt, eggs, beef, chicken, seafood, nuts, seeds, beans, and lentils.” Most of these foods are probably already in your diet, which means you’re well on your way to keeping your immune system strong and your body healthy**.

**Protein can also come in various powder and supplement forms if you are allergic to any of these food items or if they are outside of your dietary constraints.

Keeping your immune system up and the flu at bay doesn’t have to be difficult. We here at Agape Nutrition have a plethora of natural flu supplements that will aid you in staying happy and healthy this fall season. Check them out on our website by clicking here.