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Future Migraine Headaches

Future Migraine Headaches

New Blood Test Predicts Future Migraine Headaches

Researchers at John Hopkins University might have identified a new way to predict future Migraine Headaches. Doctors are hopeful their findings will lead to new Treatments for Migraines.

This new research indicates specific Fatty Acids in the Brain, Called Sphingolipids, Could indicate the presence or absence of a Migraine. Specifically, The finding shows that Sphingolipids in the brain are different in people with Migraines. How'd They Do That?

Using information gathered from lipids that manage inflammation levels in the brain, Scientists created a computer program able to diagnose migraines. By analyzing blood lipid levels, This program correctly identified people who suffered migraines and those who did not.

Give Me The Details

Researchers found that levels of a specific lipid called Ceramide were lower in people with migraines. Increased levels of Ceramide in the brain were associated with more than a 90% Decrease in Migraine risk. Increased levels of the lipid demonstrated nearly a 3 times greater Migraine risk.

What Does This Mean For Migraine Sufferers?

Identifying Sphingolipids as a Bio-Marker to Diagnose Migraine is a significant first step in combating Migraine headaches. Researchers are now considering how these fatty acids could be used to develop treatment plans for future Migraines.

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