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Get Back on Track with Your New Year’s Resolutions

Get Back on Track with Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are almost made to be broken, uncompleted, or discarded. But that is probably because the rhetoric around what makes a “good” New Year’s resolution is often unrealistic and purposefully uncomplex. By following generalized “good” or “common” New Year’s resolutions, you may neglect how complex or difficult a task may be. Now that the first month of 2023 is over (and many resolutions have likely already been abandoned), the team at Agape Nutrition wanted to share some education on how to set sustainable, attainable resolutions.

Resolution 1: Get Moving

Whether this means walking around your workspace every hour, getting up to move around can make all the difference when maintaining your health. We exist in a society centered around sitting for long periods of time (especially with the advent of COVID-19 and working remotely). Sitting too much can reduce your mortality, which is a big deal. Taking a couple of minutes between work assignments or meetings is an easy and sustainable way to keep your body active when it is stationary.

If this is your only physical activity in a day to start, that’s okay too! This is a great start to working up to more intense physical exercise. Perhaps you like your between-meeting walks or your office floor stretches. Maybe it will even prompt you to try walking for longer periods of time or look into other movement exercises, such as yoga! Movement begets movement, and starting small will help physical exercise that is more sustained seem less scary.

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Resolution 2: Get Better Sleep

American Postal Workers Union (APWU) Health Plan states, “Good quality sleep boosts your immune system and promotes emotional wellness by giving your mind time to rest and recharge”. Getting better sleep isn’t something that happens overnight. Creating a sustainable, relaxing bedtime routine is an essential component of good sleep. Staying away from blue light devices/screens before bedtime can help your sleep patterns (as well as any light at all, make sure your sleep space is very dark). Brush your teeth, hop in bed, read a book, and conk out! It may take a while to get used to your new routine, but this is a relatively easy goal that will significantly improve your overall health! While you’re at it, try turning off Wi-Fi routers located near your bedroom, as EMFs like Wi-Fi can disrupt your sleep! To protect against EMFs, consider applying our PHI energyDots to your electronic devices as they are designed to change EMF waves by blocking them. Other EMF products can be found here, at Agape Nutrition.

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Resolution 3: Self-Care

Part of maintaining your health, and subsequently your New Year’s resolutions, is taking time to care for yourself. Whether it be by meditating, journaling, walking, or setting a routine, self-care is paramount to keeping and establishing healthy practices for yourself. Taking time for yourself can also help reduce your stress, which can greatly impact your physical and mental health.

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We hope this helps get you back on track for the New Year to be filled with attainable resolutions that make you feel good about yourself and all you’ve accomplished!