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How to keep your liver healthy

How to keep your liver healthy

Imagine your body as a sponge! Everyday you breathe, eat, drink, move, and get rid of waste. While it is important to monitor your daily intake of meals, cups of water, and vitamins, you should also consider the power of your liver! It’s a filter for the sponge that is your body. Here we will show you how to keep your liver healthy.

Your liver is the second largest organ in your body! Amazing! This organ sits below the right side of the stomach, protected by your rib cage. Neighboring the liver is the gallbladder, pancreas, and intestines. All of these organs work in harmony to absorb and process energy in the form of food. However, the liver also removes toxins from your body and aids in clearing drugs.

You may be familiar with the liver’s infamous, yet much appreciated, function of metabolizing alcohol. One simple way to ensure that your liver remains on top of its duties is to watch your alcohol consumption. Go easy on the ol’ organ. You’ve only got one.

Signs of a weary liver include headaches, fatigue, weakened immune functions, digestive issues, and skin problems. Since detoxification is the liver’s number one job and living a toxin-free life is difficult, supplements aid in supporting your liver’s functions. 

Supplements for the liver

1. Selenium – staying healthy

This trace mineral is found in soil and some foods. Selenium is an important mineral and has multiple health benefits because it reduces oxidation. If you’re aware of how copper turns green once it has been exposed to too much oxygen, then you can confirm that you don’t want something similar to happen to your liver.

Selenium improves the production of glutathione peroxidase, an enzyme which protects the body from oxidized molecules. To protect your liver from oxidative damage, consider taking this supplement. It is vegetarian and supports the immune and digestive system, along with the liver.

2. Choline – staying strong

Choline, not chlorine, is a naturally occurring nutrient that supports cell growth and metabolism. To put it simply, this powerful micronutrient produces fat and helps metabolize fats. 

Also, choline is often taken in combination with B-complex vitamins as it is supported by the antioxidant properties of other nutrients. 

Even supplements need support sometimes! Luckily this dietary supplement has the perfect combination of vitamins and minerals. Yes, even choline!

3. Milk Thistle – staying nutritious

Milk thistle comes from a spiky flowered plant that ranges from purple to pink. This plant’s seeds contain the flavonoid silymarin, which optimizes the liver’s functions. Proper daily intake of milk thistle can also repair cell damage caused by alcohol, disease, and drugs.

Moreover, milk thistle helps the liver by protecting against free radicals and toxins. Try this amazing supplement for liver protection.

As you can see, the liver is a vital organ to your everyday life. Taking care of your immune system is directly related to the wellbeing of your liver and its neighboring organs. Treat your body right and you will be rewarded with good health.

Image: Kratom IQ