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How to Rise Early When the Sun Doesn’t

How to Rise Early When the Sun Doesn’t

As we make our way through fall, days of seemingly endless sunlight are behind us. Each day, the sun rises a bit later and sets a bit earlier. While the cooler air and mild weather feel great, the lack of sunlight can make it difficult to get up and get moving like you did in the summer months. How can you rise and shine even when the sun sleeps in?

1. Get to bed at a decent time.

Nobody wants to hear this, but it’s incredibly important. When you expect yourself to get up early when going to bed after midnight, you’re setting yourself up to fail. Count back 7-9 hours from the time you want to wake up and set that as a marker for your bedtime. If getting to sleep is an issue for you, try a natural remedy to relax your body and prime it for a restorative night of sleep.

2. Keep your alarm across the room.

Whether you use your phone or an old-school alarm clock to wake up, you’re far less likely to hit snooze if you place it across the room from your bed. When it’s on the nightstand, it’s far too easy to flip a switch in your half-asleep state. If you have to get out of bed, you’ll force yourself to get your blood pumping a little. This is especially effective if your partner or roommate is still sleeping. You’ll have to act fast to avoid waking them up!

3. Keep it consistent.

This is another tough one. Most of us stay up later and sleep in on weekends or on our days off, but doing so makes Monday morning even more difficult. Getting up around the same time each day allows your body to get accustomed to it and will make it easier over time (as long as you’re getting enough sleep!). 

4. Get Some Light

Even if the sun isn’t up, you can still expose yourself to light in the morning, and it can help you feel alert and shake away any lingering sleepiness. If you share a sleeping space with someone who doesn’t rise early, try getting ready in another room so that you can turn on the lights and greet the day. Early morning is also a great time for some red light therapy.

5. Try Green Coffee Bean Extract

If coffee isn’t your thing but you need something caffeinated to start your day, give green coffee bean capsules a try. Each capsule provides just 16 mg of caffeine, so you can take just the right amount for you without getting jittery.

Pair these tips with Agape’s wide selection of supplements and systems to help power you through early mornings and beyond!