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Is Holistic Medicine Safe?

Holistic medicine has become quite a hot topic lately. With that attention comes a thirst for knowledge - mostly one question. Is holistic medicine safe? Today, Agape Nutrition is going to talk about alternative therapies and health approaches that use the body, mind, and spirit specifically, if they can be trusted.

What is Holistic Medicine?

If you are looking for a holistic health doctor, you’re looking for someone who can help you with western medicine and alternative medicine at the same time. Holistic health practitioners should understand natural healing just as well as they understand “traditional western medicine.”

This means they look at your mental health and how it could affect your physical health, decide if medicine or massage therapy is best, and recommend you to an acupuncture specialist just as they would a heart specialist.

Holistic Medicine is “Less” Real…

No! Holistic medicine uses real science and health guidelines just as “normal” medicine does. There’s science behind the effects of a massage on pain - it’s not just something holistic health doctors are saying for fun! If you talk to a holistic medicine doctor, then you’re talking to someone who will look at all parts of the health and how they are connected.

This is “more real” than a doctor who only looks at your blood tests when you say you don’t feel well. That said, any doctor can go too far in any direction. If you talk to a holistic health doctor who doesn’t want to look at your blood tests even - if they only want to talk about your spirit or mind - then you should find someone who will look at every side of your health.

Is Holistic Medicine Safe?

That leads to the final question - is holistic medicine safe? The answer is, of course, yes. Any holistic practitioner in your area will have studies on both the physical and emotional sides of medicine.

This means they’ll have all the education of a traditional doctor as well as the education that comes with being a holistic doctor. That said, you should make sure that your doctor is registered and has reviews from people on either Google or your review base of choice.

A doctor that doesn’t have reviews or isn’t registered with any association is a doctor that you should stay away from. Remember, if you need help, then contact Agape Nutrition, and we’ll get your questions answered today!

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