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Kidney Function, the Heart, and What Those Have to Do with Diabetes

Kidney Function, the Heart, and What Those Have to Do with Diabetes

Diabetes isn’t a new illness or disease. In fact, millions of people deal with varying degrees of diabetes and treatment options daily. While some are able to manage it on their own accord, other’s lives depend on getting the correct dosage of medicine daily to help balance out their bodies. 

Recent studies have shown that the kidneys and heart may play a part in diabetes, and it’s a study that is important to pay attention to.

According to a study posted in Springer Link, kidney disease and increased creatinine ratio may actually increase the risk of CVD subtypes in adults who have diabetes. 

The study consisted of 13,657 individuals who had diabetes over the course of 20 years. During this time, measures were recorded of myocardial infarction, stroke, CHD, heart failure, and even death. 

The results of the study gave light to the fact that monitoring kidney function and catching early kidney damage of those who have diabetes can also be a good way to help identify those who are at risk of cardiovascular episodes as well. 

What does this mean?

Studies such as these indicate that there seems to be a correlation, but the biggest thing to remember is that monitoring and testing is key. 

Those who are diabetic have to be aware that this disease can and potentially will start to affect the other organs of their body. 

This means that monitoring the function of the kidneys of those who have diabetes might be able to help curb future issues of the heart. 

Having this type of information can be a start for physicians and doctors to focus in on vital organs to ensure that they’re not overlooking key factors for keeping patients safe and healthy. 

Using this information from the study can be helpful in learning how to prioritize your health at home.

This is where we come in - by offering solutions and options that can assist in keeping your body in as healthy a state as possible. 

How We Can Help 


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