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MTHFR Genetic Mutation

MTHFR Genetic Mutation

It is important to understand what MTHFR genetic mutation is and how it works in our bodies. The MTHFR gene is responsible for giving directions in creating the MTHFR enzyme. This enzyme converts folic acid into methylfolate, a substance that helps form red blood cells. The lack of methyl folate supply causes negative effects on the body. To know more about MTHFR genetic mutation, Dr. Stephen Smith will explain what it really is, its related issues, and how you can improve your body's methylation cycle.

MTHFR Genetic Mutation | A Closer Look!

In this Article:

What Is SNP?

A single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) happens when there is a variation in the gene that occurs at a specific location. SNPs are why we look different. They also make our bodies work differently. Everyone has SNPs in their genome. The code our enzymes that control our metabolism.

How Enzymes Work!

Enzymes can have a normal configuration (no SNPs), a heterozygous configuration (1 SNP), or a homozygous configuration (2 SNPs). A normal configuration has a methylation cycle of MTR/MTRR to BH4 to neurotransmitters, while heterozygous reduce this flow, and homozygous reduces it even further.

Lack of Methylation as a Hidden Cause of Many Chronic Illnesses!

Lack of Methylation As A Hidden Cause of Many Chronic Illnesses | MTHFR Genetic Mutation MTHFR Gene


The lack of adequate methylation is an underlying cause of many chronic illnesses. Yet, low levels of methylation do not usually cause problems until there is some sort of stress that upsets the equilibrium. How big of a problem is this? Well, about 30% of the population has an MTHFR anomaly. That's a huge portion of the population, but most of these people are perfectly fine. Most people with MTHFR anomalies (SNPs) don't even know it.

But, if these same people have major stress from any cause, it may result in the onset of a chronic illness. This is because their methylation pathways have a limited capacity. They are unable to keep up with an increased demand for glutathione.

Functions of the Methylation Pathway!

It is the methylation pathway that is the primary support for detoxification and glutathione production. Glutathione is the body's most important antioxidant and detoxifier. The methylation pathway also helps to regulate neurotransmitter function through the production of biopterin, which controls our neurotransmitter function.

The Importance of active Folate in our Body!

Many foods are fortified with folic acid, which is great unless you have an MTHFR SNP. This is because folic acid has to be activated by the MTHFR enzyme. The body is starving for active folate at the same time as it is flooded with inactive folic acid and B12. For example, the MTHFR 677 heterozygous enzyme makes 30% less active folate than the normal configuration. Fortunately, if we need more active folate, we can take it in the form of a supplement.

Many physicians are baffled because their patients have symptoms of inadequate methylation, but their folic acid and B12 levels are high. What they don't realize is they are measuring the storage form of folic acid and B12. The levels are high because the folic acid and b12 cannot be effectively utilized by the body. The solution is simple. Stop using inactive folic acid, and instead, use active folic acid. Use active B12, methyl B12, and provide all the co-factors, like B6 and TMG, needed for the body to get the full benefit of folic acid.

Methyl Matrix!

The product that does all wonders is Methyl Matrix. Methyl Matrix works at multiple points in the methylation cycle to provide active B12 and active folate, plus all the co-factors, and to make the methylation enzymes work better. The product also helps in adding the key nutrients for brain function (normal), waste process (homozygous), and immune function (heterozygous).

For more about the MTHFR genetic mutation and methylation cycle, watch this video below:

Although the methylation process is complex, it is still essential to strengthen the production of active folic acid in our body to avoid any MTHFR anomaly. Do this by using our Methyl Matrix product, and increase your body's methylation cycle.

What are your thoughts on the MTHFR genetic mutation and methylation cycle? Share them in the comments section.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on February 28, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.