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Summertime Travel

Planning Summertime Travel? Protect Yourself and Your Family

The days are getting warmer, and the countdown to the last day of school has begun. As the world is slowly opening back up, summertime travel plans have begun. Keeping yourself and your family safe during your adventure is important. Here are a few things to consider before you depart.

Boost Immunity Before You Leave

As obvious as it seems, boosting your immune system is not likely on your packing list. Several things can suppress our immune systems, such as eating or drinking too much refined sugar, lack of quality sleep, and stress. Planning as much as possible should keep you from last-minute sleepless nights, sugary gas station or airport snacks, and sky-high stress. 

Another consideration is boosting your immune-supporting supplementation. Quality multi-vitamins, Vitamin C, zinc, elderberry, and Vitamin D will all spread amongst your body’s natural systems and help you fight off any bugs you may come in contact with. Stay consistent with supplementation beforehand and take them with you when you go. For kids, gummy vitamins are a great option to be sure they will take the vitamins you give them.

Back to Basics

When on the go, especially with kids, basics like hand washing can keep your family from picking up bacteria and viruses that will ruin your vacation. In a flurry of excitement, it can be easy for young kids in new places to forget this simple step. Quick reminders, and even some wipes in your bag, can keep little hands free from germs without compromising your immune system.

Stay Hydrated

Many times, vacation travel can be accompanied by increased alcohol consumption, increased activity, and even sun exposure. While a fruity drink on the beach is idyllic, don’t forget to stay hydrated as well. Having water bottles on hand for the car or plane, as well as drinking water between activities and with meals, can help you and your crew stay hydrated and ready for adventure.

Getting away from our normal hustle and bustle while connecting with those we care about is good not only for the mind but for the soul. Disrupting our daily rhythms can affect our digestive, sleep, and immune systems and expose us to new viruses and bacteria we’ve not built immunity to. Therefore, taking steps to help protect ourselves and our loved ones as we travel is just another way to be sure the fun doesn’t stop!