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Reduce the Signs of Aging Without Mysterious Chemicals

Reduce the Signs of Aging Without Mysterious Chemicals

We’d all like to age gracefully, but many of us go about it the wrong way. We fill our shelves with expensive products that promise to “rewind the clock” on our skin with their 10-syllable ingredients and attractive packaging. We apply creams and serums diligently each evening and then spend our days undoing any good we might have done.

The truth is that these “luxury” cosmetics can’t do much for you if you aren’t taking care of yourself. There are a few crucial ways to support your body inside and out to ensure you age gracefully.

Wear Sunscreen

One of the simplest, most effective ways to ensure that your skin looks youthful and fresh for years to come is to wear sunscreen daily. You read that right. You should wear sunscreen every day that you spend time outdoors, not only when it’s summer, and you’re beachside. Sunscreen drastically decreases the number of harmful UV rays that reach you and inflict lasting damage on your skin. Without such damage, your skin is much more likely to remain smooth and firm in your later years.

Limit Alcohol and Refrain From Smoking

Both alcohol and tobacco put an unnecessary strain on the body. Over time, this effect accumulates in the form of discolored and sagging skin, fatigue, and of course, damage to the liver and lungs. This can make physical activity very difficult, further compounding the problem.

Be Careful What You Put On Your Skin

If you’re still putting drugstore makeup on your face or wearing deodorant with aluminum, it’s time to make a change. These products contain dozens of harmful chemicals, many of which are completely unregulated in the US! Subjecting your skin to these substances day in and day out is a sure way to cause damage that contributes to sagging skin and wrinkling. If you choose to wear makeup or facial serums, go with an all-natural brand like Aetheion


Just like wearing sunscreen, keeping yourself hydrated is a simple and effective way to ensure your skin stays firm and vibrant. Actors and models know to drink lots of water the day before a shoot to help them look their best! Staying consistently hydrated will also help with blood sugar regulation, digestion, and just about every other bodily process.

Support Your Body With Supplements

What goes in your body is of course just as strong as what goes on it. Support your changing body with supplements to keep you healthy, strong, and looking your best. Collagen is a great way to support bone and skin health, and Vitamin D supplements are a good idea for almost all of us.  

While we can’t stop time from passing or ourselves from getting older, there's plenty that is in our power when it comes to aging. Take control of your experience with these tips!