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Recipes for delicious protein and vitamin boosters

Smoothies - Five Favorite Flavors of Nutritious Pre- or Post-Workout Treats

Smoothies - Recipes for delicious protein and vitamin boosters

One of the best rewards for a killer workout is a treat afterward. And just so you aren’t nullifying the results of your hard-earned workout, the treat should have nutritional value and emotional sustenance. We have just the thing!

You'll need a blender. Smoothies are a mix of fresh vegetables and/or fruits, supplemented with protein and a liquid that makes it go down well.

Smoothies should be packed with protein. We’re not talking about meat or fish, of course; sources of protein include yogurt, nuts, nut butters, soy milk, and even tofu. These build muscle, which is important right after a hard upper body or lower body routine.

Energy boosters include fruit and oats. Even flavored yogurts with fruit already in the cup can add a zing.

Only natural sugars from the ingredients should be mixed in. Resist the temptation to sweeten with refined sugar, ice cream, or syrup.

And we recommend including natural supplements like our Nordic Naturals Marine Collagen in Strawberry flavor. Just 2 teaspoons of this natural powder add vitamin C and deliver small, hydrolyzed collagen peptides to help stimulate and maintain the body’s collagen-producing cells.

Our Pure Essence, LifeEssence™ Powder is a profound multiple beverage mix, combining vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, co-nutrients, SuperFoods, adaptogens, and superior herbs. Yum!

Here are our staff’s five favorite smoothies:

The Green Monster

Tear up fresh spinach leaves (stems removed), add kale or spring mix and fill the blender. Put a banana in the center of the blender. Fill with almond milk. Add a teaspoon of Pure Essence LifeEssence, a protein powder of your choice, and a spoon of peanut butter or almond butter for flavor. You can substitute pineapple juice for all or half of the almond milk. We like to add powdered wheatgrass. Mix thoroughly. It‘s green, fresh, and pure goodness!

Strawberry Sunshine

Place a big handful of strawberries into the blender glass, along with a banana. Add seasonal fruit, like mango or peach without the skin. Fill with apple juice or almond milk. Sprinkle in some cinnamon, a generous drip of honey, and a dash of vanilla. Add 2 teaspoons of our Nordic Naturals Marine collagen, some flax, and chia seeds and blend. This energy drink has all-natural sources to keep you going all day.

Oats and Blueberry Breakfast

This smoothie is a substantial meal on its own. A big handful of fresh blueberries is going to give it a spectacular color and antioxidants. Pour a cup of oats into the blender, fill with soy milk, add a banana and a couple of spoonful's of our LifeEssence powder. Top it off with a few almonds or cashews and a drip of honey. Blend well, and you have a delicious treat that’s nutritious and filling.

Matcha Coconut Powerhouse

 Blend a handful of fresh kale (stems removed), mango, banana, a half cup of shredded coconut, pineapple juice, matcha green tea powder, and a protein boost from a handful of white beans. This is antioxidant richness with natural proteins and a boost of tropical flavor. A spoonful of protein powder and a squirt of honey brings out the flavor.

Tropical Tornado

Cut up fresh cantaloupe and pineapple. Add a banana. Fill the glass with half orange juice/half soy milk and add a big scoop of pineapple or lemon yogurt.  Sprinkle protein powder or our Nordic Naturals strawberry-flavored marine collagen, add a dollop of honey or sweet molasses and you have a smoothie you’ll never forget. 

The great thing about smoothies is that it’s easy to include whatever fruits or vegetables you have on hand. Nut butter, avocado, peanut butter - any of these add substance, flavor, and nutrition.  Making them fresh, after you’ve cooled down from your workout, is the right time frame for giving your body back what it used up in the gym or on the run.  Or, make them before your workout, drink half to give you energy, and save the other half for replenishment.

And while smoothies do replace some of the water you lost while exercising, you still need to hydrate with pure water as well.