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Chronic Kidney Disease

Study Shows Empagliflozin May Not Make Much of a Difference for Chronic Kidney Disease

In a recent study conducted by the EMPA-KIDNEY Collaborative Group, “empagliflozin treatment led to a lower risk of progression of kidney disease.” Empagliflozin, which is typically used to treat diabetes and heart failure, is “in a class of medications called sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibitors. It lowers blood sugar by causing the kidneys to get rid of more glucose in the urine”, according to MedlinePlus.

While the new EMPA-KIDNEY study showed positive results for empagliflozin as a treatment for kidney disease, the findings were simply of “lower risk” of “disease progression” or “death” than the placebo group, which indicates that the use of this product for treating kidney disease may not be all that effective. Fortunately, empagliflozin did not appear to increase the risk of adverse effects of Chronic Kidney Disease.

What, then, can be used to treat Chronic Kidney Disease, which is characterized as permanent, ongoing damage to one’s kidneys? Are there any helpful natural/naturopathic remedies?

Well, yes!

According to the National Kidney Foundation, Chronic Kidney Disease can change your body’s intake of certain nutrients. This is because, among many reasons, your body is building up waste products due to your kidney’s malfunction. This could also occur because of potential treatment options like dialysis or a loss of appetite because of discomfort. They recommend staying away from Vitamin A, E, or K. However, Vitamin B Complex, iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and calcium are helpful supplements to take for Chronic Kidney Disease.

Agape Nutrition carries each of these supplements, which you can find linked in the aforementioned list. Additionally, we have included two supplements below that may be helpful in treating Chronic Kidney Disease.

XYMOGEN, Methyl Protect 120 Capsules

This supplement combats high levels of homocysteine, which is associated with kidney diseases. “It features five key nutrients that are involved in homocysteine metabolism: folate as calcium folinate and Quatrefolic® for increased bioactivity; trimethylglycine; and vitamins B12, B6, and B2.”  These nutrients will aid in curbing homocysteine and reducing the risk of kidney disease.

You can purchase Methyl Protect here at Agape Nutrition.

Ecological Formulas | Taurine 500mg | 100 Capsules

This supplement is designed to promote healthy kidney function with the essential amino acid taurine. Many people are taurine deficient, and it is an essential part of most physiological processes.

Taurine from Ecological Formulas is available here at Agape Nutrition.

While it is still unclear whether empagliflozin may be helpful for those experiencing Chronic Kidney Disease, we here at Agape Nutrition  hope that you will find our kidney health-boosting agents helpful in the meantime.