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The Supplements Your Dad Needs This Father’s Day

The Supplements Your Dad Needs This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner and this year, get your dad-figure the gift of health to show your appreciation. Whether you have a dad who could use a little more self-care or a grandfather who always gives and forgets about their own needs; an uncle who is already a health-nut and would appreciate new, fully-researched supplements or simply a man in your life who you look up to and admire, Agape Nutrition has a supplement for every father-figure this Father’s Day.

For the Dad Who Could Use It All

Do you have a father-figure in your life who could seriously benefit from a multivitamin? Well, we have something even better. One bottle of our Men's Longevity Essentials Plus comes with 180 vegetarian capsules that will grant your father-figure with a variety of benefits.

According to Memorial Hermann Health System, men are at a greater risk of heart attack after the age of 45. This is partly due to the increase of stress, both when it comes to family and financial means, that men can experience after the age of 40. Our Men’s Longevity Essentials Plus helps support a healthy heart with high doses in a balanced format of Vitamin B-3, C, and E, along with Chromium, Selenium, Folic acid, and the Men's Longevity Blends, as well as helping to reduce stress and help anti-aging.

This supplement is also great for so much more! These little capsules can help increase cardiovascular health, which can suffer as men age, as well as help with cognitive function and keeping Dad sharp. For the dad who deserves it all, consider Men’s Longevity Essentials Plus this Father’s Day. 

For the Dad Who Could Use an Energy Boost

Did you know that testosterone plays a role in energy levels for both men and women? It’s true! As men age, their testosterone levels begin to decline yearly after the age 30. Due to this, men may find themselves lacking the same energy they had when they were younger. Integrative Therapeutics Testosterone Formula comes in a bottle of 90 capsules that combine essential nutrients with botanical extracts in order to boost testosterone levels. If the daily cup of coffee just isn’t doing it for Dad anymore, or he’s been complaining about failing energy levels, our Testerone Formula could be an ideal gift.

For the Dad Who Deserves a Uniquely Formulated Supplement 

Biologically, men typically have different health needs than women. This is why Men’s Complete No Iron supplements were created. According to The New York Times, too much iron in older men can lead to organ damage. With a multivitamin such as Men’s Complete with no iron, you can ensure that Dad is getting what he needs from his supplements with none of the stuff he doesn’t.

These multivitamins are specifically designed with men in mind and target their unique health concerns, as well as increasing their energy and stamina.


When it comes down to it, whoever you honor this Father’s Day, deserves the gift of a long and healthy life. By gifting your father-figure with one of our well-researched and tested supplements and vitamins, you ensure you are giving your dad the gift of health this Father’s Day. Show your dad how much you love them, and explore the rest of our collection of supplements, today!